Casa Rueda EN I


Villanueva de los Infantes and its region of Campo de Montiel are in a Western world – digital and globalised – that interconnects us with any part of the planet in a single click. Life in the 21st century is moving at full speed thanks to a technological development never seen before in the history of mankind.


This is why this Archaeology section was created as the germ of an Interpretation Centre where both locals and visitors can experience the evolution of the landscape and the different cultures that have inhabited the municipality since the appearance of the first hominids in the area.

The very construction of this space is testimony to the advance of time. The municipal collection that nourishes the showcases comes from private donations that were the amateur way of «making history» a few decades ago. However, the gradual public awareness of the Historical-Archaeological Heritage has made it possible to reintegrate these materials here with the knowledge generated scientifically since the last third of the 20th century and with modern didactic and museography criteria.

Welcome to the CIVI! A Past Present in our Future.